Write for Us - Write for Us

Athletics Hub is dedicated to providing readers with informative articles about athletics in New Zealand. As a magazine, we are always looking for new writers to join our team to write informative articles about athletics, athletic clubs, and advice on how to train and find events.

If you think you can be a benefit to Athletics Hub, contact us to find out more about how to apply for a writer’s position. Skills in the English language, grammar, punctuation, and spelling are necessary skills for applying.

All applicants will be required to submit examples of their work as proof of their writing skills and knowledge in English.

By applying as a writer for Athletics Hub, the writer will need to be able to come up with interesting topics regarding all sports involved in athletics and its role in New Zealand. As many of our readers are beginners, writing duties will include writing advice articles on training for athletic events and competitions and tips on how to improve in its sports.

Having good knowledge about New Zealand and how athletics play a role in sports, will be seen as a great benefit to our consideration.

Visit the contact page for more information on how to apply for a writer’s position at Athletics Hub.