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With many athletic events coming up in New Zealand, we look at some of the most promising events at the start of 2022. These events mainly include track and field events for athletes in clubs and professional teams.

Some of the events on this list feature top-ranking athletes with international fame for their sporting abilities. Here is a list of upcoming athletic events in New Zealand for 2022.

Jumps to Music 9 – 26 January – Hawera

This 9th edition of the Jumps to Music event will be taking place in Hawera and will be showcasing high and long jump activities by athletes. Some major champions will be taking part in the event to defend their current records.

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The event is known to be a chance for people to meet the athletes up close and personal with each athlete choosing the music they want to jump to.

Sir Graeme Douglas International Continental Tour – 20 February – Douglas Track & Field

The Sir Graeme Douglas International is a continental Toru Bronze Level Athletics meet up and it will take place at the Douglas Track & Field in West Auckland. It’s a competition that has been running for 6 years and will be showcasing some of the best athletes from New Zealand playing against international athletes.

Jennian Homes New Zealand Track & Field Championships – 04 March – Hawke’s Bay Regional Park

The Jennian Homes Track and Field Championships is seen as one of the oldest sporting events of New Zealand which can be dated back to 1889. The event features some of New Zealand’s top athletes.

This event provides one of the best chances to witness some of New Zealand’s top athletes competing against each other. The event has been seen as one of the top community events in the country.

By attending any of these events, you will be able to witness some of the best athletes in New Zealand compete in various sports in athletics.

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