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Athletic sports have been used for betting for years now. It provides athletes with great entertainment and winnings. Playing slot games with themes of athletic sports have also become very popular among gamers.

By visiting online casinos such as, one can easily find slot games with themes of athletics and Olympic sports with great quality graphics and video features. These games can be played from mobile devices when playing on

Track N Field Mouse Slot

Track n Field is a fun video slot game for those wanting to be entertained without the traditional look and feel of sports-themed games. The slot was developed by Microgaming and incorporates athletic mice training for an international athletics competition.

By spinning the reels, the player is acting as a coach to the mice and can provide big winnings and a bonus feature. The game is fairly easy to play and work as a 3-reel slot.

The Olympic Slots

The Olympic Slots is a 5-reel video slot game with 9 paylines allowing players to win prizes by playing various sports. The sports found on this game features sports you might not expect to find in the Olympics which provides surprises throughout. The symbols feature some of the biggest sports which are affiliated with the Olympics.

The game also features a wild symbol which is represented by an image of a golden trophy and an autoplay function.

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Usain Bolt Slot

Usain Bolt Slot was created by Ganapati Gaming and provides spinning reels with great looking symbols of running in the Olympics. The game has 27 paylines which can be expanded to 108 paylines with a full set of reels.

By landing a stacked wild on the reels, one can unlock great bonus features and rewards.

All these games provide a fun experience for all fans of sports and athletics.

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